20 Years Teaching Children to Read
We are Sharpen
Transforming Lives Through Literacy
Transforming Lives
Through Literacy
Parent and Tutor-led Reading Programs built on the Science of Reading
Parent and tutor-led reading programs
built on the Science of Reading
66% of US 4th graders can't read at grade-level

Why We're Here

We are on a mission to empower all children to reach their potential through early literacy success.

At Sharpen, we’re not just teaching children to read. We’re building the foundation for a brighter future.

90% of struggling readers can catch up with early intervention

Why We're Here

We are on a mission to empower all children to reach their potential through early literacy success.

At Sharpen, we’re not just teaching children to read. We’re building the foundation for a brighter future.

90% of struggling readers can catch up with early intervention

Why Early Matters

Reading support and intervention are 4X more effective when provided to kids early.

No one knows your child better than you do. Parents are uniquely positioned to ensure their children learn to read on time.

Where Should I Start with My Child?

For over 20 years, Sharpen Reading has successfully taught thousands of children to read. Build your child's reading abilities and confidence with a 15-30 minute daily lesson. Instructional videos make it easy to tutor your child through their learning journey. The fun and engaging lessons allow you and your child to easily accelerate reading development, fostering foundational reading skills to advance to grade level and beyond.

Sharpen Reading

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1:1 online reading instruction for early elementary learners led by Sharpen Certified Tutors utilizing Sharpen’s high-outcome curriculum specially developed to help kids struggling or falling behind with reading efficiently improve and catch up with their reading skills. The initial 4-week block includes a Sharpen Reading Placement Assessment and eight forty-five-minute virtual tutoring sessions

Sharpen Tutoring

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Sharpen Success Stories

"Seeing my son struggle with reading worried me. That’s when we found Sharpen. The program really worked for us. He is now reading several years above grade level. Reading opens worlds, but more than that, reading is the beginning of everything else. Reading is what gives my kids the ability to do whatever they are going to want to do in their lives."
—Maggie, Sharpen Parent
"Having a scripted, online program saves me hours of training and lesson planning, there is no time wasted to prepare worksheets, flashcards, or letter tiles. I can move seamlessly from one student to the next in just a few clicks."
—Tricia, Sharpen Homeschool Parent
"Sharpen is a really great reading program! At school, I could barely read, while the rest of my class could read full chapter books. Sharpen brought me up in reading, and it feels really awesome to be beyond grade level now. I like reading a lot."
—Jack, Sharpen Student

Designed by Experts. Backed by Science.

Designed by Experts.
Backed by Science.

Born out of 20 years of research at Yale, Brock, and UT Health Houston Universities, we’ve collaborated with reading experts across early education, neuroscience, educational psychology, and K-12 child development. This collective experience has allowed us to produce top-tier reading solutions firmly grounded in the science of reading.

Join us and discover how Sharpen is transforming lives, one child at a time.

Free Reading Risk Screener

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Answers to your Questions

How can I advance my child’s reading?

Children learn to read at their own pace, but as parents and caregivers, we want to offer them all the support they need to succeed. If you are wondering how to start a reading program that will match your child’s potential, start with an early reading assessment like the Sharpen Early Advantage Assessment. 

With the assessment data, the next step is starting a reading program. The Sharpen Reading Program offers a multi-sensory, structured literacy program that is divided into manageable lessons starting at the Pre-K level.  Take the Sharpen Reading Assessment to find out what level your child will start.  Progress is divided with clear guideposts and Sharpen Reading provides regular progress monitoring, so you can start with your child and let them progress at the pace they excel at within the program.

When should I have my child assessed for dyslexia?

If you suspect that your child may have dyslexia, it's vital to have them assessed as early as possible. Dyslexia is a specific learning disorder that primarily affects reading and writing skills, and early intervention can greatly benefit children with dyslexia. According to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), screenings should be used beginning in kindergarten but there can be signs years earlier, including family history factors and delays in language and pre-literacy skill development.  Risk screening allows parents, teachers, and tutors to identify students at risk for reading difficulty and provide additional support, including targeted intervention, to those who need it. After a pre-reading assessment, starting an evidence-based reading program for dyslexia early in your child’s education positions them to make significant gains to overcome learning difficulties while their optimal window for learning is open and before they experience reading struggles in school.

What is the best online reading program for struggling readers?

The best online reading programs for struggling readers offer carefully designed and sequenced reading instruction, cover all relevant skills, and integrate those skills in a structured, systematic way. They also offer extensive progress and performance monitoring, which results in data-driven insights and records for parents and caregivers. Sharpen Reading Program easily meets all of these qualifications and much more.

Do online reading programs work?

A well-developed online reading program works. Often, the roadblocks to a successful online reading program are issues on the periphery of the actual program. Scheduling difficulties, monitoring delays, and pacing issues can all hinder success. Sharpen Reading Program is structured to pace according to the individual progress of the child and is designed to be completely flexible with your family’s schedule. The precise progress tracking and adaptive learning embedded in the program allows you to see measured improvements in your child’s reading skills in real-time. With Sharpen Reading, you’ll know the program is working.

Still have questions?

Explore more FAQs or reach out to our dedicated team, we are happy to help!