Navigating Dyslexia: A Guide for Parents

Dyslexia affects millions of children, and for the parents of those children, we understand the unique challenges your kids face in their academic journey. As parents, your role is crucial in helping your child navigate these challenges, fostering resilience, and teaching them the art of self-advocacy. Here are some valuable tips to guide you on this journey.
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Back-to-School Reading Success: A Guide for Parents

Unlocking the secrets to back-to-school reading success is essential for setting the stage for a year of academic achievement. But how can you be sure your child is on the right track, and when is it time to step in with a helping hand? In this guide, we'll highlight back-to-school reading success and warning signs, and provide you with the tools to recognize when additional support, sometimes referred to as “intervention” is necessary.
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The Science of Reading for Parents: An Essential Guide to Enhancing Your Child's Reading Skills at Home

Reading is not just a skill; it's one of the biggest predictors of long-term success in every aspect of life. With the powerful combination of neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics, we'll discuss the power behind the Science of Reading and why learning to read early not only paves the way for future academic achievements but also fosters cognitive development, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.
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Beating the Summer Slide: Why You Should Care, and Proven Strategies to Prevent Learning Loss

The "summer slide" phenomenon refers to the regression in academic skills and knowledge that students often experience during the extended break from school. Studies have shown that children can lose several months of learning during this period, resulting in a significant setback when they return to school in the fall. So, why should you care? The cumulative effect of this annual decline can have long-term consequences on a child's overall academic performance and future success. However, with prevention strategies and tactics you can help minimize the effects. Dive in with us as we explore the pitfalls of this seasonal regression, and arm you with practical tips and tools to keep your child's learning on track during the sun-soaked days of summer.
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Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential: 7 Tips for Choosing a Comprehensive Reading Program

If you're looking for a science-based reading program, there are a few key aspects you should keep in mind. With a little guidance, you can find the perfect program for your needs. Let's explore the top 7 guidelines to help you choose the right science-based literacy program with confidence!
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Navigating Dyslexia: Understanding and Supporting Your Child

Discovering that your child has dyslexia can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for any parent. With the proper guidance, understanding, and supporting your child doesn't have to be so hard. Find out more about how they can thrive academically and personally with the proper support.
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