Sharpen Story Maker
Where Kids Create and Read their own Stories
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Kids generate engaging stories
at their reading level.

Puts the child in the driver's seat!

Select your child's reading level. Then, they can choose a character, a setting, and how the adventure unfolds. Their custom story is generated at their level and flows based on their choices. Kids love being in control!

Available for beginner through mid-elementary reading levels.
Features of
Sharpen Story Maker

Children are empowered as the co-creators of their stories making reading fun and engaging.

Motivating choose-your-adventure experience fosters independent learning.

Designed for kids to use independently, including audio support for individual words.

Stories are matched to a child’s reading level and ability.

AI platform specifically designed for safety

What makes Sharpen Story Maker so unique?
Sharpen Story Maker, designed by our reading experts, stands out due to its integration of education, technology, and creativity. Unlike traditional reading apps or books, Sharpen Story Maker actively involves your child in the story creation process, making them a co-creator of their learning content. This interactive approach not only enhances engagement but also empowers children, giving them a sense of ownership over their learning journey.

We developed Story Maker with a deep understanding of children’s educational needs and language development stages, setting it apart from one-size-fits-all solutions.

Sharpen Story Maker  is a reflection of a vision to make learning personalized, engaging, and accessible, addressing both the emotional and educational needs of young readers and their parents. 
Why You and your child will love Sharpen Story Maker

Your child will love making stories and being a co-creator!

Kids will be excited to read on their own.

We make it easy to find the right reading level for your child.

It’s educational and safe screen time.

Harnesses the power of AI in a safe and stable framework.

Ready to unlock your child's
love of adventure and reading potential?

Answers to your Questions

How does Story Maker help my child practice reading?

Based on your child’s choices, this app generates short, engaging stories tailored to your child's grade level and reading abilities. The stories use carefully controlled vocabulary and sentence structure to provide appropriate reading practice at your child's skill level.

How does the story difficulty level adapt to my child's reading ability?

You pick your child's grade level, kindergarten through third grade currently available, and your child's reading ability, (whether or not your child struggles with reading), Based on this information, we match stories at your child's reading level. If the stories are too hard or too easy, you can adjust the reading level by re-selecting the grade level.

Is the content of the stories appropriate for children?

Yes, the app is designed to create stories with themes and content suitable for each grade level. The stories avoid harmful situations and inappropriate language.

Will my child's information be kept private and secure?

Yes. The app does not collect or store any personally identifiable information about your child. It simply generates stories based on grade level and child-selected story elements. Please see Sharpen’s Terms of Service for details.

Can I see the stories my child is reading?

The stories are generated as your child interacts with the app. You can sit with your child and read the stories together to provide support and share in the experience.

Does the app teach my child how to read?

The app is designed to provide reading practice to reinforce skills your child is learning at school and with Sharpen Reading. It is not intended as a holistic reading curriculum but as a complementary tool to practice and strengthen reading skills and build fluency.

Still have questions?

Explore more FAQs or reach out to our dedicated team, we are happy to help!