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Including free reading assessment & consultation

Sharpen has been transformational! Busy parents will appreciate the live online tutoring. My child has made noticeable progress, nearly a full grade level in just two months.”

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Brian, Sharpen Parent
Scarborough, ME

Ever since we started Sharpen tutoring, my child’s reading skills have totally taken off! Our tutor was able to quickly assess her and has made reading just "click.”

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Kirsten, Sharpen Parent
San Diego, CA

The Sharpen
Online Tutoring

Our proven Science of Reading curriculum backed by 20 years of research, is delivered on our purpose-built digital platform by Sharpen Certified Tutors, all designed to improve your child’s reading skills by an entire grade level in as little as three months.

The Sharpen
Parent Experience

Parent portal enables you to see how your child is progressing every step on the way

Review lessons to see what your child is learning

Track pacing to understand how quickly your child will improve a grade level

Receive weekly email updates with tutor notes and recommendations on how you can support your young learner in between tutoring sessions

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Tutoring Packages

Before your first tutoring session, we provide a free Welcome Session, which includes an assessment of your child’s reading level. All tutoring sessions are 45 minutes.


20 minutes

(assessment & consultation)
Discover your child’s reading level, discuss improvement options with a reading expert, and learn more about online tutoring.


per session

(4 sessions)
Get started with a personalized plan for your child to catch up, begin tutoring, and experience the impact of approach.


per session

(8 sessions)
Close the gap in your child’s reading skills and track their progress with your Sharpen Tutor.

How It Works

Connect Online

Sharpen Tutoring is conducted using a touchscreen device, ideally a tablet, over Zoom.

Join Your Welcome Session

Before the first lesson, we provide a free welcome session, including an assessment of your child’s reading level.

Learn On Your Schedule

Our flexible scheduling will find times that fit your family routine with a Sharpen Certified Tutor best suited for your child.

Receive Progress Updates

Your tutor will provide regular progress reports summarizing the lessons and skills your child has covered.

Answers to your Questions

What are the characteristics of a high-quality online reading tutoring program?

Online tutoring is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide your child with additional academic support while saving money and time compared to traditional in-person tutoring. When looking for reading tutoring, especially for elementary students, it's essential to ensure that the curriculum has a proven track record of teaching children how to read and is based on the Science of Reading. Additionally, the digital platform should be engaging to maintain your child's interest with challenging and fun activities. It's also important that the tutors are certified and enjoy working with children. Finally, progress monitoring is crucial to know how your child is improving, making it a critical factor to consider before investing in online tutoring.

What does a typical tutoring session look like?

Tutoring sessions are held over Zoom and are 45 minutes. Parents help their Learner log into Sharpen Reading, our purpose-built digital platform, and then share their screen. Once a session begins, parents are only needed if the Learner experiences computer issues. With Kindergarten students, we ask parents to sit with their child for at least the first few sessions.

The Tutor will guide the Learner through our series of carefully sequenced activities built on the Science of Reading. Activities are paced to optimize student engagement and deep learning and include sounding out words and word parts, performing tasks with letter tiles while connecting those sounds to letters and letter combinations (decoding). Activities are designed to leverage the most proven, most effective ways to teach core decoding skills. With fun names like Word Puzzle, Tap and Say and Breaking Words Apart, students are actually building their foundational orthographic map and practicing critical skills like sound discrimination, phoneme manipulation and phonemic awareness.

How is the tutoring schedule determined?

Our goal is to accommodate the needs of our students and their families. Parents can choose to schedule two or three sessions per week around times that are convenient for both you and your child. The goal is to set a consistent schedule each month which ensures that your family can plan times that work for you, while also not looking too far out in the future. Since lessons are conducted online and from the comfort of your own home, no time is wasted on travel.

How will I know how my child is progressing?

Ensuring the success and progress of our students is a top priority. We use a comprehensive approach to monitor and assess your child’s progress through a combination of personal feedback and technology-driven assessments. Here's how.

Direct Tutor Feedback:
Our tutors maintain detailed notes on each student's learning journey. After every tutoring session, tutors complete session feedback forms that include observations and insights. This personalized feedback highlights the student's strengths, areas for improvement, and any significant milestones reached during the lesson.

Evaluation Activities:
We also utilize the advanced capabilities of Sharpen's digital reading platform. The Sharpen Tutoring Platform includes specific activities to evaluate a student's grasp of the skills they have been learning. Activities such as Flash Card and Sound Game are scored, providing objective feedback on the student's performance

Still have questions?

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