Sharpen Empowers Parents to Unlock Their Children's Reading Potential

Sharpen® Transforms Early Literacy

This October marks a significant milestone in the world of early literacy as Sharpen unveils its revolutionary, early-risk assessment and high-outcome digital reading program aligned with the Science of Reading.

After four years of meticulous development, we are proud to introduce a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge research from renowned institutions like Yale, Brock, and UTHealth Houston with a proven reading program boasting over two decades of successfully teaching thousands of children to read.

The Power of Parental Support

We understand that parents are their children's first and most influential teachers. With Sharpen, we're putting the tools of early reading development directly into the hands of caregivers. This launch signifies a game-changing moment where parents are empowered to confidently guide their child's literacy journey.

Parents have the best awareness of their children's learning behaviors, and Sharpen allows them to intervene when it's most effective.

- Dr. Jan C. Frijters, Ph.D., Brock University Professor, and Sharpen Chief Neuropsychologist

Empowering Parents with Knowledge

Traditional clinical reading assessments often come with hefty price tags, making them inaccessible for many families. Sharpen is leveling the playing field by offering affordable, early assessments that parents can easily administer at home in just a few simple steps. 

Parents are uniquely positioned to understand their children's needs, and we're giving them the tools to act on this experience. Our assessments draw upon the latest research and include the three strongest predictors of future reading risk and success: family history, developmental milestones, and direct assessments of children's reading skills. Parents can now accurately identify potential reading challenges earlier than ever before.

With Sharpen, you're not just supporting your child's education; you're actively leading it. 

Parents and caregivers should have access to the most effective teaching techniques for their children. Sharpen's digital reading program embraces this philosophy by enabling parents to become highly effective tutors for their children. Our program offers easy-to-follow scripted reading lessons rooted in the Science of Reading. With Sharpen, parents have the opportunity to foster a deeper and more personalized learning experience for their children. Parents and children embark on the journey of learning to read together. 

Our fun, parent-led multisensory lessons engage kids with over 70+ hours of content and 45+ digital activities. Your child will be motivated to build their core reading skills and confidence, enabling them to advance a grade level in reading in 3-4 months.

By combining the power of science-backed assessments with a parent-centric, high-outcome reading program, we empower parents to thrive in the pivotal role of their child's literacy journey. Together, we can unlock the full potential of young readers and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Join us on this exciting journey towards literacy empowerment!

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