A next-generation benefit that speaks to the whole employee

Sharpen’s corporate benefit solution enables your company to provide an offering your employees will use and love.

Finally, an employee perk designed to benefit your people’s entire family.

Sharpen offers a unique and personal family benefit that directly demonstrates company commitment to your workforce. It addresses a felt family pain, charts a path forward, and provides a guided solution. It means a better life for your employees’ children, and means one less thing that takes away your people’s focus on their work, and the company’s outcomes.

Better outcomes for your people and your company

A unique family benefit that directly improves your employees’ lives, demonstrating your company’s values

A better life for your employees’ children, leading to a family group unified behind the employee’s job

Results in an employee’s core work metrics (like focus and loyalty) positively affected and sustained

Early learning assessments and effective reading interventions, backed by science.

Sharpen provides a suite of evidence-based insights to jumpstart early childhood learning, developed in conjunction with leading universities and researchers. Our offering enables your company to provide an entire suite of learning tools and offerings to your employees, all in one place.

What people say about Sharpen

Photo of a woman and her child.
“My daughter, who is a struggling reader, made rapid improvements after using this program. It was a joy to teach and a joy to watch her build confidence in reading.”

Sarah R. - New Hampshire

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